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Welcome to SSKBIO

SSK Biosciences is promoted by highly qualified and experienced professionals having two decades of experience in Pharma Industry. The company performs research and development work for major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, identifying and developing compounds for their drug discovery and development. All services are carried out by experienced team of scientists and the team directly interacts and communicates with clients. We will assure complete confidentiality with customer’s all intellectual properties.

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We address a wide spectrum of client needs:

Lipid Synthesis Services
Medicinal Chemistry
Custom Synthesis
Process R&D

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Biotage Flash Chromatography
NMR and Mass Spectra by nearby facility


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  • Lipid Synthesis

    SSKBIO is involved in the synthesis of cationic lipids to assist in the targeted Drug delivery process and we have developed many complex cationic lipids based on the requirements of our clients

  • Medicinal Chemistry

    SSKBIO is a unique medicinal chemistry service provider, offering comprehensive medicinal chemistry support to biotech, pharmaceutical companies and universities engaged in drug discovery and research.

  • Custom Synthesis

    SSKBIO has the most experienced team of stable isotope custom synthesis chemists in the industry, led by impressive group of Ph.D.'s. We offers a custom synthesis service of compounds that are not commercially available.

  • Process R&D

    We offer contract research and manufacturing services that help global pharmaceutical and biotech companies significantly enhance their R&D success.